The Inclusive Development Index and a Review on the Socioeconomic Development Process of Turkey

  • Ömer Emirkadı Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi
Keywords: Inclusive Development Index, Socioeconomic Development, Turkey


In this study, inclusive development, which is a follow up of the structural adjustment policies expressed by World Bank, is tried to be analyzed through inclusive development index and it is tried to forefront the fields that are necessary to make the development process more inclusive. In accordance with this purpose, 2017 Inclusive Growth and Development Report was drawn upon. The inclusive approach, which is an alternative to searches for development regarding the solution of poverty, is an open approach to solve the development of poverty,distribution of income and wealth both on a global and national scale  based on the visible and invisible capital and constraints. When the reflections of inclusive development concept, which is a new discourse aimed to minimize poverty, on socio-economic structure of Turkey are analyzed, it can be seen that Turkey, having one of the worst performances, is ranked 79th among the developing countries regarding, especially, inequality in income distribution, employment and youth unemployment. Therefore the debates whether the inclusive development discourse causes solid and sustainable direction shift maintain to protect its importance. It is thougt that this study is to fill the gap in the literature since there is no such large study on inclusiveness concept, which dates back to 20 years, regarding Turkey.


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