Significant Issues of Nuclear Energy Investment Decisions for Energy Importer Countries

  • Hasan Dinçer İstanbul Medipol University
  • Gülsüm Sena Uluer
Keywords: Nuclear Energy Investment, Public Acceptance, Entropy


Nuclear energy investments are important for the social and economic development of countries. Thanks to these investments, no carbon gas is released into the atmosphere while providing energy. This situation prevents the environmental pollution problem. On the other hand, nuclear energy contributes to countries to obtain uninterrupted electricity. However, the installation of nuclear power plants is now difficult. A serious technological infrastructure is required to build these facilities. This situation is especially important for countries that do not yet have nuclear power plants. In order to increase the use of nuclear energy in these countries, support from nuclear energy companies is required. However, nuclear energy investors may not want to invest in every country. In this study, the factors that affect the investment decisions of nuclear energy investors are analyzed. In this framework, a detailed literature analysis was performed, and 4 different criteria were determined. An analysis was carried out using the Entropy method to determine the most important factor among these factors. According to the results of the analysis, it is determined that the socio-political factors in the country have the most importance in the decisions of nuclear energy investors. Considering these issues, it is understood that countries should pay attention to public acceptance to attract the attention of nuclear energy investors.


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